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About Us

Founded in 2008, we provide a clearing house for the Arts in the region, first with a comprehensive Arts and Cultural Events Calendar at, then online ticket sales through and, and promotions through Arts & Entertainment Virginia, our weekly newsletter.

ArtSync is dedicated to promotion of the Arts on a broad scale and support of Artists and Arts organizations and those people who are about the business of building the community.  We believe that a healthy and vibrant Arts community leads to a healthy, engaged, vibrant, and happy Community in general.

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life in central Virginia by connecting people with the Arts and building the audience for artists, in that way serving both the artists and the public.


Client Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your very courteous and thorough  email response last week . . . .
In this day and age (the era of quick sound bites and ‘tweets’), it is rare for someone serving the public as you do to have the courtesy and to take the time to write back like you did.
A smaller size city like Lynchburg is not only fortunate to have an entertainment vendor like Lynchburg Tickets–but also to have a person like yourself representing it!

JK – Lynchburg

Thank you so much – I love being able to just add a link to my emails/social/website and have people  be able to purchase tickets seamlessly.
I look forward to working with you again
PH – Amherst

You made it quite simple and having this presence on-line created sales and buzz in the community. I appreciate that you have widened the entire site to become the one place for arts/events/entertainment that is inclusive — and it is where I send anyone who asks about the arts scene in the region.

JW – Lynchburg


You provide a great service. You are dedicated, very responsive and very flexible. Couldn’t ask for a better service!

PVD – Bedford

I told you in our conversation today that the only time I buy tickets to do anything is when I get an email from Lynchburg Tickets.

And that is the truth!

Thank you!!

KM – Lynchburg

Much of our success is due largely to you and the wonderful job you did in handling our ticket sales!  I so appreciate it and rest assured I will be singing your praises!  Thanks again and I hope to work with you again!

JK – Lynchburg

 I am so very pleased to have ‘discovered’ you, I am sharing the news with everyone I know who is looking for cultural activities.

SA – Lynchburg

Wow! We can’t thank you enough for your awesome services!! . . . We truly love working with you and appreciate everything you do to help promote us through emails and on your site. You are a valuable partner to us and we tell everyone to use you!

LC – Lynchburg

Thank you, Ken! LynchburgTickets is such a valuable part of our Loft Tour – I would highly recommend you!!

CH – Lynchburg

Serving Central Virginia since 2008